Test Tubes

Test tube

Porcelain Utensils

Buchner porcelain funnel


Pipeta Gradata

Glass connector tube

Glass U Connector Tube

Porcelain Utensils

Evaporating dishes

Bottles with Pipettes

Clear Glass Dropper Bottle

Distillation flasks

Würtz Distilling Flask

Weighing glasses

Weighing glass, low form

About Us


  • Our company’s main activity is the production of finished glass products for laboratory use, volume measurements for liquids, various glass measuring instruments, ornamental products and teaching materials.
  • Products made by our company based on technologies developed by our own specialists ensure high quality and consist of calibration and grading of products which ensure safety and accuracy of volume measuring means.
  • Products manufacturing is carried out entirely by our company in the range of more than 400 assortments and types.
  • In order to ensure and improve the quality of manufactured products, our company has set up a metrological laboratory with qualified personnel.
  • Energo Metr SRL owns the following quality certificates: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001: 2005, ISO 18001: 2007, to be classified in the first class regarding quality and accuracy.